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Our Mission

imageRecently we completed the purchase of 250 hectares or more than 600 acres of primary rain forest on the Osa Peninsula. Our property group can now proudly state that we have become carbon neutral achieving one of our long time family and corporate goals. Pura Vida!




Cyber National Solutions is ideally located to help with so many tasks in the "Americas". Our head office is located in Panama City where all of our endeavours are guided by our legal, administrative, accounting and operations team on the ground at the center of the "Americas". Web design, production and maintenance is provided by our web team in Nicaragua. Our property and business management division is headquartered in Costa Rica primarily because the bulk of our clients have either properties and/or businesses in Costa Rica.

We are true believers in "Central Amercia" and actively promote the entire region as a viable alternative for personal living and international business ventures. We have been in business for over 15 years providing quality services to our clients during this entire period. We manage a number of international companies from our offices for the benefit of our international clients.

CNS has offered international labor services for the past 15 years to clients throughout the Americas. We presently use our two web sites & to work with both prospective employers and workers from many regions of the world.

Cyber National Solutions provides management consulting to many of our clients as well as day to day administrative and management services in various countries. CNS is able to reduce the burden of management responsibility because of our unique ability to both understand and act in all of the Americas, firstly because of our command and understanding of the two languages and various cultures and secondly because of the experience gained over nearly two decades of business in this part of the world which allows us to better understand our clients needs and thus effect a realistic plan of action.

We look forward to working with you and your company as you expand your international horizons.

Friends & Associates

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Privacy & Discretion

Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that a strong, healthy, business relationship must be built on mutual trust and respect. Respecting privacy is one of the essential keys in developing successful relationships. Cyber National Solutions understands that the Internet is "wide open" and most everything that passes through its wires can be viewed by others. Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that securing privacy between two or more parties is best accomplished with "face to face" communications. Having said that, we know it isnt always possible, so don't be surprised if we eventually ask you to migrate to an encrypted email server in order to secure our communications. CNS takes privacy seriously. Cyber National Solutions S.A. promises to not willingly divulge information about our client, nor their communications with our company to third parties without the express written consent of our client.


Cyber National Solutions S.A.

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