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People have the right to pursue "individual freedom & well being". Both can be pursued, however neither will be won easily. Nation states nor your neighbours wish you to claim these rights. The majority consider these "inalienable rights" to be privileges for a few, instead of rights for all. Society will not idly sit by while a common member tries to abandon the herd in search of "individual freedom & well being". Why? Well that's simple, the herd collectively understands that striking out from the herd removes a producer from the herd. The herd does not like this one little bit!

Once a majority can vote themselves access to a nation's treasury they will continue to elect those that "promise the most, to the most". Benefits arrive in the way of government entitlements to the "most", paid for by imposing tarriffs, licenses, taxes & levies on producers. Eventually the rights of an individual suffocate under the growing weight of any "democratic" nation.

The risk of being "over-governed" by any one nation can be effectively reduced by following ideas described in "Seven Point Five Two" ( which outlines a tried and true path to "individual freedom & well being". It suggests people act as "jurisdictionally optimized citizens". It proposes nurturing life & life's assets" in various optimized jurisdictions, thereby creating small unconnected presences in each new jurisdiction while reducing the footprint in the original jurisdiction.

International management of assets helps create and maintain privacy because it limits the amount of information provided to governing entities to that which is only required to administrate & tax a specific asset. A nation is not designed to efficiently and effectively share information with another nation.

To acquire privacy, an integral ingredient of "individual freedom and well being", people should act in the best interests of their personal activities & assets when selecting optimal jurisdictions. Both the creation & management of international assets must be taken into consideration when selecting an optimal jurisdiction, but maybe even more importantly one should ask the question "will the asset and/or activity be freely enjoyed and protected within that jurisdiction"?

With the above concept in mind, a blog at, "Escape to the Tropics - ET 7.52" came into being. The knowledge and experience gained over more than 2 decades in the tropics enables us to share with our readers, not only a look at the Tropical Lifestyle but also gives us an opportunity to share a proven pathway to an incredibly rich flavor of "individual freedom and well being".

Cyber National Solutions S.A. can help with the mangement and administration of your business and personal assets in most "Amercian jurisdictions". Most of your requests will be accomplished using a diverse team of local and cyber experts working from within the Americas. We're just an email away. Please use the Contact page to open a dialogue with us. We'll we happy to respond

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Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that a strong, healthy, business relationship must be built on mutual trust and respect. Respecting privacy is one of the essential keys in developing successful relationships. Cyber National Solutions understands that the Internet is "wide open" and most everything that passes through its wires can be viewed by others. Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that securing privacy between two or more parties is best accomplished with "face to face" communications. Having said that, we know it isnt always possible, so don't be surprised if we eventually ask you to migrate to an encrypted email server in order to secure our communications. CNS takes privacy seriously. Cyber National Solutions S.A. promises to not willingly divulge information about our client, nor their communications with our company to third parties without the express written consent of our client.


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