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Cyber National Solutions offers property, labor and business management alternatives to your present day arrangements.

We have been in Central America for over 20 years. We practice what we preach. We manage our own properties, employees and contractors via a centralized information system and we share this system with our clients. The system can remove the hassle of managing assets when a party is either not present or when they have no wish to devote personal time to mundane tasks such as interacting with the often intolerable bureaucracy found in many parts of the Americas.

We pay utility bills, administer employees, stand in line, withhold and submit to government agencies, research items of interest, interact at the municipal level concerning properties, pay taxes before late charges accrue, make sure your car remains legal, pay workers compensation insurance, liquidate employees yearly for the benefit of the employer, organize events, rent property and collect receipts, administer hardware store accounts, administer building contracts and do site visits, recommend service providers of the highest calibre and ultimately educate our clients to the pitfalls of trying to beat the system in the Americas. The system is in place and it isnt changing any time soon, so we highly recommend you get on board and work to the rules of the jurisdiction in which you find yourself, your property and business. It's not hard, just burdensome.

Cyber National Solutions can help you achieve all of the above with very little required on your part except the required smarts to recognize a good thing when you see it. We're only an email away, what are you waiting for?

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Privacy & Discretion

Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that a strong, healthy, business relationship must be built on mutual trust and respect. Respecting privacy is one of the essential keys in developing successful relationships. Cyber National Solutions understands that the Internet is "wide open" and most everything that passes through its wires can be viewed by others. Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that securing privacy between two or more parties is best accomplished with "face to face" communications. Having said that, we know it isnt always possible, so don't be surprised if we eventually ask you to migrate to an encrypted email server in order to secure our communications. CNS takes privacy seriously. Cyber National Solutions S.A. promises to not willingly divulge information about our client, nor their communications with our company to third parties without the express written consent of our client.


Cyber National Solutions S.A.

Ciudad de Chorrera
Los Guayabitos, Calle 21 sur Bolivar
Provincia de Panama
Republica de Panama

Panama Telephone: + 507 254 2140