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The support team at Cyber National Solutions offers a truly international perspective using electronic collaboration and communication tools between all parties. Our people are highly educated and trained professionals, speaking two languages and coming from different backgrounds in the Americas. You see, Cyber National Solutions still believes in American ideals, we still believe in the dream of America, we see American ideas spreading throughout the region and we want to be part of it. For us the two land masses that join in Panama connect the past to the future and a very bright future could be had if we can all figure out how to rise to the challenges ahead.

As our name implies, we don't feel bound to any particular state. We are Cyber oriented because it makes sense to be in todays highly connected, controllled, governed and taxed environments. However, a company still has to grow from somewhere and from the myriad of jurisdictions available from which to operate an international business company, Panama wins hands down. The laws and infrastructure of Panama are of the highest calibre and support a strong International Business Community superbly located at the "Bridge of the Americas". It is so strategically located that it needs no further explanation as one of the primary gateways to international business opportunities. So CNS chose Panama to work from. And yes we do like operating in a country that still offers the freedom to be private.

With all of that said, we still understand that the United States of America, the United States of Mexico, Canada, Britain and most of the European nations, not to mention the Asian and Latin markets, offer multiple opporturnities for foreign investors to get involved in highly developed and developing markets. So with that in mind we now introduce you to the possibility that Cyber National Solutions can offer via it's associates the ability to transact business on your behalf in the aforementioned markets.

What more could you ask from a small international boutique managememt and consulting firm? We don't think much more if the truth be known. We're here to help. We're only an email away. Reach out and start to make the changes that will allow you to better enjoy your investments today.

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Privacy & Discretion

Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that a strong, healthy, business relationship must be built on mutual trust and respect. Respecting privacy is one of the essential keys in developing successful relationships. Cyber National Solutions understands that the Internet is "wide open" and most everything that passes through its wires can be viewed by others. Cyber National Solutions S.A. believes that securing privacy between two or more parties is best accomplished with "face to face" communications. Having said that, we know it isnt always possible, so don't be surprised if we eventually ask you to migrate to an encrypted email server in order to secure our communications. CNS takes privacy seriously. Cyber National Solutions S.A. promises to not willingly divulge information about our client, nor their communications with our company to third parties without the express written consent of our client.


Cyber National Solutions S.A.

Ciudad de Chorrera
Los Guayabitos, Calle 21 sur Bolivar
Provincia de Panama
Republica de Panama

Panama Telephone: + 507 254 2140